Sunday, June 26, 2011

Road trip : San Francisco

Having been to San Francisco a number of times in the past, our goal for this trip was to see something different. To use this window of opportunity and find new experiences. 

You know how you walk by an obvious tourist and laugh about how obvious of a tourist they were? That's what we wanted to be.

First stop off the BART on Tuesday morning brought us to the San Francisco Civic Center. Which building's which? I don't know either...

All I know is that the United Nations first met here. Also, check out the surreptitious moon hiding behind.

Next came the Yerba Buena Gardens.

Not sure if you're familiar with this garden, but I wasn't so it was very interesting to see what sort of items they offered. There were buildings for ice skating, bowling, small museum of children's artwork.

A quick walk through turned into a thirty minute stroll...and then Odona got a bit creepy.

And then Olivia got creeped out.

The prettiest part of this park (in my opinion and yours --because I said so) was the waterfall extending from the cafes to the bottom lawn park.

Odona water bending with Olivia...

A couple of blocks down the Financial District and we came upon a Wells Fargo Historic Museum. Yes, you did read that correctly: Wells Fargo (the bank!) and we also found the sign, Free Admission, so in we went.

It was actually quite an interesting collection of antique tools and memorabilia from back then. Used gloves, safe boxes, letters- yowza de wowza!

You would be surprised to find the history of Wells Fargo extends back to the earlier 1800's as a pony express for postal delivery. Anyway, see what we found!

We learned from Olivia that San Francisco partakes in a recycling program (big surprise) that transforms older metros from other states into new usable forms of transportation. 

No trip is complete without a bit of learning and a new experience. It may be hard to see but we're balancing on the side of a cable car!

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