Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 9: a photo you took

Today's challenge is: a photo I took!

A photo I took? All the pictures I've shown are photos I've taken. But, er..let's proceed.

This is a picture of a log. A log from the Japanese garden inside the San Diego Balboa Park.

Why did I choose this picture out of all the other masterfully (that was typed sarcastically) taken pictures of mine? Well, this is just an example of how life is to me. 

Depending on your focus, you can see the macro details that make up the very object in front of you. The details create the picture, the details define your life.

Depending on your focus, you can see the bigger overall picture of life. You can see how everything is set up before you, you can see what is coming next.

Depending on your outlook, life seems to be quite the long stretch.

Depending on your outlook, this is just a log.

Living successfully in life depends on how you see it, how you treat it, how you live it.

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