Saturday, June 4, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 8: a photo that makes you angry/sad

Hello to my 30 Day Challenge audience! Hello to all two of you.

If you are a youtube follower, you will be fully aware that I have done about seven of these challenges on my channel. But as I began to get busier and busier at school, my dedication to this challenge began to wan. And then it stopped.

Well, now that I am back to the outside world, I am finding a bit of difficulty with completing my project. So please stay tuned as I finish the rest either on my blog or on my channel. Gracias!


Day 8: Share a photo that makes you angry or sad. 

What a downer topic to kick off on this blog. Well, you know that I do get angry and I do get sad. But I don't like to recall negative feelings or memories when I am not actually dealing with them at this current moment. It feels too fake. So... let's take a different route.

What I hate and/or what makes me sad:


Missed haircuts

When guys take better pics than you

When your "kite" doesn't work

Bad hair days

(Jimmy's not actually sleeping)

No respect for the model!

Being the butt of the joke

People who ruin good group pics

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