Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Thursday Poem

Since I cannot upload my full high res PDF of this image and I am too lazy to open Photoshop again to resave everything ... I just screen shot this image so pardon the pixillation!

I am sitting here with my hair still damp from my shower and yes, it is late. Or early. Is 3:30am early or late? 

My fingers are sore from my nonstop wood cutting (for my model in case you are confused) and I felt the desire to come back to blogger and share my progress.

It's Thursday early early morning and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
There was a bit snoring though that came from the door,
I tried to beg and plead for no more.

I've spent all day cutting and gluing pieces together,
While looking longingly outside to the beautiful weather.
The show is coming faster than previously imagined,
What rhymes with imagined?

Since I had so much stress and so much to do,
I tried to relax with a dance break or two. 
But my efforts were not rewarded with applause,
Somehow they found my dancing had flaws.

I'm tired yet not ready to hit the hay,
Because tomorrow is already another work-filled day.
But life is like this, it never stops for anyone,
That's why we must find our own fun.

Take time to do something fun,
Make the effort to get something done.
Go out of your way to find something new,
Because life will be worth it if you do.

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