Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not so zombie-like

I am so used to experiencing extreme loss of sleep, poor eating schedules, imprisoning myself inside the house, and much stress during project time. 

Which is why this particular moment is confusing to me.

I suppose the best lesson I've learned through these past semesters is that you do not need to suffer in order to do well.

Often times we feel unconfident about our work and can only survive through guilting ourselves by not allowing ourselves to take breaks or going outside to see the sun for once. Hence the paleness of our sickly skin. 

Well no longer. We can take breaks, we can enjoy the sunshine, we can laugh. The key is that we keep working and we make our work time worth it. If you are going to dedicate time to do work, make sure you commit yourself a 100% and produce good content.

If a person can dedicate 1,000 hours to build a moderately conditioned house while the another can spend an hour to create the same results... person two wins.

Tread forth, my friends. The end of the semester/quarter is near and time passed cannot be taken for granted. Make wise decisions. Do good work. Be proud of everything you do because you deserve your praise and respect. 


Giving up is easy but easy rhymes with peasy. And no one wants o be peasy, okay?

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