Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May showers

Drip drop, pitter patter, thump thump onto the roof. 

If you did not understand that garble of words, it was my interpretation of rain. Obviously.

Graduation is creeping around the corner! Yet the excitement cannot take place until I've completed my projects and with all that I need to do, the relaxation period must wait patiently as well.

I've been so stressed lately. With school, with class responsibilities, with the lack of cooperation from all ends, with my thesis (the thing I should actually be stressing about) And you know what I've realized?

You just cannot make everyone happy. Every person will have an opinion, whether they are right or not they will have an opinion. It is worse when they feel the urge to express that opinion yet do nothing to solve the situation.

Ah but it is just a glimpse into the rest of life, the working world, the responsibilities as an adult. 

I'm sorry but this post must remain short because my time needs to be better spent towards either model making, book making, eating, or sleeping. Thank you everyone for your continual support. The surrounding love reminds me to focus on what is most important: 


wait, what was it again?

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