Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I gradumated!

 I suppose it's not every day you join thousands of other black robed individuals to sit before a large stage and receive official notifications that you have completed college.

But guess what I did on May 27th?

It has been seven years of schooling and despite the common, "oh my gosh!" I really did not think it was so bad.

Yes, of course there are trying times. Moments when you just want it to be over. But look back at any of those instances now, they seem a lot smaller right?

I was so happy and honored that my wonderful family and friends were able to join me in this celebration of my academic career. 

As you can see here, all smiles. Just the way I like it.

I suppose it would be fitting to describe what I felt that day.

It was a giddy feeling standing amongst my peers knowing that the celebrations had started. 

It was a bit sad because you realize another chapter of life was closing. 

It was exciting because the anticipation of finally hearing your name roared through the microphone.

And finally, it was a bit sunny.

After the graduation, we walked down the grand hill (slight exaggeration) and entered into our Design building Gallery to see all the work my class had done. It was an elegant display of everyone's thesis and a certain buzz echoed through.

After a while of strolling, I was stopped by two of my fellow class officers: Josh, class secretary, and Jamison, class VP.

They called attention to the people in the room so I began to step aside but was asked to stay. 

Then they gave a kind speech dedicated to my efforts through this process. I was so blown away and honored, and surprised!

Hugs were fitting.

And that's about it, folks. We reDefined our last hur-rah. We, as a class, made our little mark in CSULB Design history. All to do now is to step out into the big sea of responsibility, work, and growth.

Best of luck to all those who have graduated and we must always remember what all these years have taught us.

Laugh it off.

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