Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I gradumated!

 I suppose it's not every day you join thousands of other black robed individuals to sit before a large stage and receive official notifications that you have completed college.

But guess what I did on May 27th?

It has been seven years of schooling and despite the common, "oh my gosh!" I really did not think it was so bad.

Yes, of course there are trying times. Moments when you just want it to be over. But look back at any of those instances now, they seem a lot smaller right?

I was so happy and honored that my wonderful family and friends were able to join me in this celebration of my academic career. 

As you can see here, all smiles. Just the way I like it.

I suppose it would be fitting to describe what I felt that day.

It was a giddy feeling standing amongst my peers knowing that the celebrations had started. 

It was a bit sad because you realize another chapter of life was closing. 

It was exciting because the anticipation of finally hearing your name roared through the microphone.

And finally, it was a bit sunny.

After the graduation, we walked down the grand hill (slight exaggeration) and entered into our Design building Gallery to see all the work my class had done. It was an elegant display of everyone's thesis and a certain buzz echoed through.

After a while of strolling, I was stopped by two of my fellow class officers: Josh, class secretary, and Jamison, class VP.

They called attention to the people in the room so I began to step aside but was asked to stay. 

Then they gave a kind speech dedicated to my efforts through this process. I was so blown away and honored, and surprised!

Hugs were fitting.

And that's about it, folks. We reDefined our last hur-rah. We, as a class, made our little mark in CSULB Design history. All to do now is to step out into the big sea of responsibility, work, and growth.

Best of luck to all those who have graduated and we must always remember what all these years have taught us.

Laugh it off.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Professional Senior Show Night


It's 4am, Weds morning and I'm barely laying down onto my beautifully neglected bed. Sighs of relief, frustration, and exhaustion overcome me. Sighh

It's been one of the most stressful months of my life. But as a wise monkey once said, it's only through the painful, stressful, and difficult times that you can actually learn.

Truth be told, sistah, truth be told.

I suppose it would be fitting to tell you how our show went. Approximately 21 hours of work spread out through three consecutive days were dedicated to setting up and completing all our work for this show. We (the class) strapped arms and pulled through, I'm so proud. Proud that despite all the differences, despite all the previous experiences, we were all able to work together. Cheesy but true.

Unfortunately there was some things said by faculty members, and yes it bothers me. It bothers me that anyone would try to bring us down on our big day. It bothers me that someone (in a professional position) would say something behind your back and smile that big ole fake smile in your face. And worse of all, it bothers me that this bothers me.

Negativity surrounds our lives every day. It is more about how you handle the situation that makes you stronger. So though things were said, feelings were hurt, the honest truth is that "haters are going to hate" only you can decide what advice, criticism, comments, and observations you want to accept. Life is like that. Everyone thinks they are right and everyone has an opinion. 

I am not yet ready to let go but writing this out definitely helps. I look back on my seven (yes, seven) years of schooling and I do feel proud of what I've accomplished and what I've learned. It is only through these experiences where I learned my strengths and I'm going to share what I honestly believe I have gained:

1. I am a very hard worker
2. I am not the best designer
3. I have good leadership qualities
4. I cannot rest until I am done
5. I am responsible
6. I cannot let things go
7. I do think very negatively about myself. Insecurity is a great personal vice.
8. I am willing to learn
9. I have a lot to say but I believe in keeping some things to myself. I realized that there are things I could have shared to save my reputation, I could put someone else down to make myself feel better, I could complain a whole lot more to these authority figures outside of my peers. But I am just not that person.
10. I am who I am. I do the type of work that I like. I cannot and will not change just to fit anyone else.

This is an honest list of myself. Sometimes I think that being honest in this blog may end up in criticism by others but where else can I share?! =D

For now, all I can really think about is the fact that I am actually done with school. Just walking on Friday and it will be official. But yes, at this very second, I am done with school. I'm going to let that sink in and come back stronger than yesterday. Name that song.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Thursday Poem

Since I cannot upload my full high res PDF of this image and I am too lazy to open Photoshop again to resave everything ... I just screen shot this image so pardon the pixillation!

I am sitting here with my hair still damp from my shower and yes, it is late. Or early. Is 3:30am early or late? 

My fingers are sore from my nonstop wood cutting (for my model in case you are confused) and I felt the desire to come back to blogger and share my progress.

It's Thursday early early morning and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
There was a bit snoring though that came from the door,
I tried to beg and plead for no more.

I've spent all day cutting and gluing pieces together,
While looking longingly outside to the beautiful weather.
The show is coming faster than previously imagined,
What rhymes with imagined?

Since I had so much stress and so much to do,
I tried to relax with a dance break or two. 
But my efforts were not rewarded with applause,
Somehow they found my dancing had flaws.

I'm tired yet not ready to hit the hay,
Because tomorrow is already another work-filled day.
But life is like this, it never stops for anyone,
That's why we must find our own fun.

Take time to do something fun,
Make the effort to get something done.
Go out of your way to find something new,
Because life will be worth it if you do.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May showers

Drip drop, pitter patter, thump thump onto the roof. 

If you did not understand that garble of words, it was my interpretation of rain. Obviously.

Graduation is creeping around the corner! Yet the excitement cannot take place until I've completed my projects and with all that I need to do, the relaxation period must wait patiently as well.

I've been so stressed lately. With school, with class responsibilities, with the lack of cooperation from all ends, with my thesis (the thing I should actually be stressing about) And you know what I've realized?

You just cannot make everyone happy. Every person will have an opinion, whether they are right or not they will have an opinion. It is worse when they feel the urge to express that opinion yet do nothing to solve the situation.

Ah but it is just a glimpse into the rest of life, the working world, the responsibilities as an adult. 

I'm sorry but this post must remain short because my time needs to be better spent towards either model making, book making, eating, or sleeping. Thank you everyone for your continual support. The surrounding love reminds me to focus on what is most important: 


wait, what was it again?

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm almost there. It's been a very stressful few weeks and I have that sinking (not stinking) feeling in my tummy. 

Stressed = depressed sometimes.

But that's life and we'll all get through!

I'll update after Wednesday =)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not so zombie-like

I am so used to experiencing extreme loss of sleep, poor eating schedules, imprisoning myself inside the house, and much stress during project time. 

Which is why this particular moment is confusing to me.

I suppose the best lesson I've learned through these past semesters is that you do not need to suffer in order to do well.

Often times we feel unconfident about our work and can only survive through guilting ourselves by not allowing ourselves to take breaks or going outside to see the sun for once. Hence the paleness of our sickly skin. 

Well no longer. We can take breaks, we can enjoy the sunshine, we can laugh. The key is that we keep working and we make our work time worth it. If you are going to dedicate time to do work, make sure you commit yourself a 100% and produce good content.

If a person can dedicate 1,000 hours to build a moderately conditioned house while the another can spend an hour to create the same results... person two wins.

Tread forth, my friends. The end of the semester/quarter is near and time passed cannot be taken for granted. Make wise decisions. Do good work. Be proud of everything you do because you deserve your praise and respect. 


Giving up is easy but easy rhymes with peasy. And no one wants o be peasy, okay?