Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Imperfect Perfect

We all know (I hope at least) that none of us were born perfect. 

I am sure we can name our own imperfections faster than anyone else can. My right eye is smaller than my left, my forehead is too large, and my bottom half is much fuller than my top.

But then why do people judge others immediately?

"Oh wow, look at her toothy smile."

"Her eyes are too small."

"She is too fat/skinny/tall/short."

This post is dedicated to all the nontraditional notions of beauty that go under appreciated. These are beautiful women who may not fit the cookie cutter image that traditional media prefers but they are perfect in just the way they are!

Of course these women represented are not the only beautiful women out there but I cannot showcase everyone... and if I can be completely honest, I do need to get back to work. So love your imperfections and accept everyone else's! 


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