Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 8 of SB

Holy hot grilled barbecued Thursday.

That's my way of saying it was quite scorching today. Can it ever be "quite" scorching? Well it was.

Welcome to CA weather, ladies and gents, the type of weather that flip flops more than a floppy disk! *insert comedic cymbal sound* It was so hot, we could go outside and pop popcorn! *badum-psh*

Anyway, we headed to the Ontario Mills Outlet Mall today which was a good half hour drive uphill. My poor little Corolla really could not keep up with the big boys while puttering up that glorious 10 fwy hill. I would have gone outside and pushed the car to speed up the process but I really did not want anyone to see my face...

I soon found myself surrounded by big "50% off!" sale signs and excited rushed over to get a glimpse. However the big discount really left me with items that would be considered regular priced at other stores. Nevertheless, it's incredibly difficult to find comfortable Petite sizes without the clothes costing an arm, a leg, two teeth, some hair, and an elbow so I decided to purchase a few items.

I'm buying a lot of business attire yet... I don't exactly have a job to wear them to quite yet sooo... a tad overzealous? It's okay, if nothing works out, I can at least trick people into thinking I'm a really professional woman while I'm buying groceries. 

How did everyone else survive the heat?

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