Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 11 of SB

There is currently a helicopter circling above the house. Holy good luck, Batman.

Well, today was exhausting with enough tournament time to last the rest of the year. CUTA, I believe it's called, was the most disorganized tkd tournament I've ever been to. And that is saying quite a lot...

I've been to too many tournaments to count. I've been delayed, reject, ignored, forced to watch good and bad opening ceremony demonstrations, sat through long speeches and referee oaths and high pitched national songs. But dang people, this place took the cake.

First there was a gigantic delay (which is no surprise for any tournament) that caused our competitors to be held in the waiting areas for about three hours before being moved around for more waiting. Secondly, the venue could not accommodate the amount of people attending. Everyone looked like cattle walking through the rings while trying to catch glimpses of their children. It was so crowded with over 1100 competitors that the fire marshal threatened to shut down the place at least three times. Of course, in terms of tkd tournamenting, this is still not anything different.

The worst part was when they took away two large competition rings to make way for bleacher seating (much needed) and decided to throw those rings into two separate rooms. Rooms that had been used for Holding Areas and now too tight of a space to allow competitors, coaches, and parents to participate. So any person who was not competing was not allowed in the room. Ridiculous.

We waited and waited and I believe around 4pm, our first sparring competitor stepped up....he's 8 years old so we were really starting from the bottom up. Eep.

With the lack of sleep and abundance of work piling up at home, I could not stay any longer so I had to pull out and rush back. Unfortunately, it was enough of a wait to (again) hinder my progress...bugger. I only complain because I'm stressed and I'm sure it will not get any better than it is right now but I will pick up speed and finish strong. It's 3am now and I need to get up in a few hours so... 

Alifr out!

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