Friday, April 15, 2011

A Bunch of Boring Facts About Me

1. I am right hand dominant but when I use utensils, I have to cut tougher things with my left hand.

2. I hate the following in no particular order:

rubber bands
metal on metal sounds/nails on chalkboard
people trying to pop balloons
being called girly
being referred to as the "Asian group"
sneeze-coughing-choking ...ugh, worst combo ever!
teenagers (specifically the dramatic, judgmental, I'm better than you type)
driving (on some days)
flaky people
flaky skin
ok, enough..

3. I typically sneeze at least three times in a row. Six consecutive sneezes is my current record.

4. I don't care if it's "who" or "whom"

5. I prefer square nails to round nails. Sharper for attacks!

6. I was going to go to school to be a Business major (default Asian mentality other than science) and then changed my mind to doing some kind of Art major and then switched to Journalism and finally found Design

7. I am actual decent on certain types of video games, ie. Elite Beat Agents, Puyo Puyo, Tetris, Super Mario

8. I am just as short as I look in pictures.

But I like it =)

9. I eat slowly. Ask anyone, EVERYONE ALWAYS NOTICES!

10. On many separate occasions, different people from different groups have approached me to tell me with a big genuine smile that, "I use to think you looked like you would be such a b**** but you're actually really nice and sweet!"

I don't really know how I'm suppose to respond to that. I often end up laughing but I don't really know why.

11. I still get nervous calling people on the phone. Not sure why I can't get rid of that but I'm much better face to face.

12. I dislike peas very very very much. Specifically the ones you find in the frozen food aisle where it's in a bag with carrots. I will pick out every single pea from my bowl of rice until it is green-free. And then Jimmy puts them back. Jerk.

13. I like to make videos for youtube

14. I used to be the second tallest person in my class. Of course that was in 4rth grade...but 5'2" in 4rth grade was pretty good back then! Perhaps it's also because my class was mostly Asian.

15. I am bossy.
I'm the oldest of three but even before that, my Pre-school teacher told my mom that I use to organize my classmates to play "House" .... and I do remember saying, "You be the Mom, you be the Dad, you be the dog"

16. I hate being woken up unexpectedly because I have a very very difficult time going back to sleep. If I am woken up around 7am, I cannot go back to sleep until 8:30 or so.

17. I love exercise and outdoor activities but I completely despise running. Unless it's part of the game/sport like flag football.

18. I want to keep my initials forever because they spell:    O.W.N.    N.O.W.     W.O.N.  

19. Sometimes I think my dad raised us girls to be like boys. I can't stand girly girls...especially when they say crap like, "Oh I can't do it, let's let the boys do it."

20. I like to try everything at least once (minus drugs or smoking) but I will pick up and drop hobbies very quickly, buy lots of different products, attend different activities, taste different foods...just to try it all. 

Thanks for reading if you've gotten this far. We are now that much closer so I can actually call you a friend. Share one fact about you! I wanted to share twenty facts about me but I just want to know one from you.


  1. Hi Ophelia!

    I will share 5 random facts about me!

    1. I suffer from procrastinitis. I was diagnosed during my senior year of high school, and it was actually a mutated from of senioritis. Still receiving treatment for it.

    2. I find no point in making my bed. Especially if I am just going to come back in the evening and ruffle the blankets/pillows/sheets up again.

    3. I am traumatized for life - I am very hesitant to buy a new laptop from Apple. During my freshman year of college, I invested into the Apple laptop, an iBook G4, and then a month later, they came out with the MacBook with a webcam better processor and memory. Now I am hesitant to ever upgrade. But I bought a Mac Mini, so that suffices. But I am forever hesitant to buy a new laptop from Apple. (I would like to get a MacBook Pro one day).

    4. I like to buy makeup, watch people put on makeup, learn different techniques of applying makeup, learning about makeup, but never really put a lot on. Lol.

    5. For someone who procrastinates a lot, I have been told that I am very high maintenance when it comes to getting work done. I have been told that I am very demanding and ensuring that stuff gets done. Well maybe if people didn't slack off so much, I wouldn't have to constantly ask them about it! Sure, I know when to kick it into "Serious Mode" (part of my procrastinitis treatement), but I can't stand when others don't try as well.

  2. i have a permanent but not very noticeable scar on my forehead from tripping over a 2-step stairs around 3 yr old.