Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back to school

School's back. With a bang. Bang!

We (Irene and I) started off our morning by sitting in traffic and waiting for brutal stoplights to give us the proper signals to continue onward. About forty minutes later we were standing in front of the Pinkberry headquarters in Los Angeles. 

What I can tell you about the company is this, they have a clear brand statement with specific color schemes, material palettes, and even shapes. You walk in the room, you know it's Pinkberry.

No, we aren't quitting school and trying to apply to all frozen yogurt retailers. We are actually participating in an event...which I should probably disclose later.

Anyway, we sat through another hour of traffic before returning home where I found a lovely parking ticket waiting for me.

$53. Boo...

So, lots of work to do this week and really not enough time to do it. On the upside, Olivia & Odona's Collegiate tournament is this weekend and then Olivia turns 21! What/??!?!?!?!

I'm going to edit my vlog and go sleepy bye bye now...z.zzzzzzzzzz

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