Thursday, March 24, 2011

There's a baller in my room!

Spring break, are you here?

My mid-reviews have finished and I have gathered a good handful of comments, suggestions, and options to sift through. It has been decided (through heavy and somewhat sporadic discussions with my friends) that good design is about change. It is about willing to explore the unfamiliar and tip toe into the unknown.

When there is a new territory, a new realm of ideas, it is a scary journey that must be tread through. You can expect disappointment, struggles, and confusions while searching for the greater good. I know my thesis is nowhere near done (sadly) but I am comforted by my willingness to stay persistent.

What to do now, break? Shall we climb Mount Everest? Swim the Pacific? Scream the loudest scream? Drink the drinkiest drink of all drinks?

Ok, the focus of this entry is starting to dwindle.

Anyway, spring break is just another week of work but possibly with more sleep. Joy! I should set a set of goals per day. One in each category: chore, homework, heath, and fun.

Since today was a half day, my only chore was to sweep the floors clean. Check! 

Check in tomorrow for my next exciting chore to share!!

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