Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sometimes I worry about these two

Rebels at heart. Growing up on the wrong side of SGV!

I was not sure what to write about tonight (err ... this morning) and though there are millions of serious issues happening in the world, I chose to write about these two clowns, otherwise known as my sisters.

You may be surprised (or not if you are a ruiner of my blog!) that many people find it incredibly shocking that we three are sisters. People exclaim that we do not look alike and wait maybe she looks like our mom and she looks like our dad and oh you look like her more than the other her ... what?

Let's put all the debates to a rest and confess who we really are:

Are you three really sisters?

I'm sorry, I cannot answer personal questions here. Next inquiry please.

Do you three fight often?

How often is often? And what do you mean by fighting? Fighting as in we get in a huge argument, throw precious glass onto the floors, and slam the doors to not speak for months? Or fighting as in quick disagreements and snippy responses?

In any case, neither. When we argue we throw down our gauntlets and settle our disputes MMA Ninja Style. Never heard or it? It never heard of you.

Which one is the weirdest?

Again, I don't understand this question.


How often do you talk to one another?

Since Olivia is the only one not at home, we talk possibly once a week or once every two weeks. It takes time for our carrier pigeons to get the conversation across.

Do you all dress alike?

We do not always own the same things but we will make every effort to match somehow.

Do you always support one another?

We're sisters first and foremost, then we are best friends. As the quote says, “Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support.”

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