Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 5 of SB

Apparently it is suppose to be about 86 degrees on Thursday this week. Curse you, weather! Why must you put us all through this temperamental roller coaster of physical and mental stress? 
Cold, hot, cold, hot...let's stick with warm?

Anyway, I got to visit one of my favorite places this morning! *insert sarcastic tone* Dr. Crentist, my dentist! 

...10 bonus points if you know what I am referring to... not you, Yua, I already told you. Actually I may have already revealed that on Facebook. Oh, nevermind.

I seriously have issues with my poorly deficient teeth. Not one has been healthy enough to be untouched. You complain about getting cavities? Why I outta...

Well, at the end of the day the fact stands that I have bad teeth but I WAS able to fix what needed attention and now I can continue to chew with both sides of my mouth.

I came to a realization about my work ethics today. I really cannot concentrate much in the day time. I sit there and draw a few lines and look outside and look inside and look at my toe and look at the power lines and look at my left pinkie and then look to my left, then my right, then up, then down, and then draw another line-
it's just not working.
So my conclusion for the day is to enjoy my day without much concern to working. Then return home and focus at night. Without fail, once 5-6pm came about, my mind was set and I came up with more ideas. Magic? No... more likely to be a malfunction.

Ok, enough with the typity-type-type. Tomorrow's a new day of possibilities and I may possibly get my Panera on.

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