Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 4 of SB

Sunday and I'm not rushing back to the LBC?

It takes a lot more effort to update this blog these days, perhaps I've fallen out of the daily habit I use to practice. 

Frustration with my project still! But I still feel like every baby step makes a difference so I will just take what I can get. 

New topic of discussion!
Which words do you find yourselves saying oddly?

What I mean is, I've never gone through life being aware of accents and varieties of ways to pronounce every day mundane items. But lately, certain words stand out.

I've realized I say the following words very weirdly-

*bag (I don't find this one weird but apparently Olivia does)

Anyway, today was a kick back day with a sprinkle of homework. Tomorrow is a visit to the dentist. Woop-de-friggin-do....

Creepy picture of the day!
My invention- Parf
(Pants Scarf)

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