Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 3 of SB

One's end to a spring break is also one's beginning. Sorry, Yua! 

We began the morning with an incredibly speedy IHOP breakfast and zoom zoom to the airport. My blogging is increasingly sophisticated isn't it?

The cloudy skies were unrelenting and threatened fat heavy raindrops as the day continued. 

I actually stayed in to do work so let's do the list first today!

Hw: Slight progress = hurray! Since we made some sort of progress, let's take the rest of the week off to celebrate!
Chores: none...kind of failed here
Favorite food of the day: Ryan's momma made flan. Mmmm
Success: Irene + Josh won third place at the IIDA 1:2 Competition!
Funniest moment of the day: Jimmy walked into a giant wall of windows. It was a loud thud and we all thought he was trying to be funny. Apparently his head still hurts.

I was looking through my recent Photobooth pictures and found these gems. Thought I should share.

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