Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 2 of SB

Spring Break that is.

Friday, friday, why is this song so famous? If you are unsure of what I am referring to ... it is a video by one, Rebecca Black, and it has already 30 million views on youtube! 30 million and hate messages with a dash of death threats.

Woah- it's just a video, people.

Anyway, I actually had the great honor of sleeping in today! Whoopie doopie =) We headed to lunch and then Target for essentials and some not so essentials.

Frodo got stopped by a random lady who preached the word of God to her and handed some paraphernalia. Of course, this happens quite often to Fro. Perhaps she looks like she needs a bit of guidance? (Teehee)

I still haven't done hw! But I've eaten, makeuped (ew, that looks gross), and hung out a lot! Here's the breakdown for today.

Chore: buy household essentials
Hw: failed
Fun: lunch with sistahs (yes, it makes us sound cooler) and dinner with family and friends
Tkd: trained for a little bit
Random: Ate egg waffles!
Makeup: Frodo

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