Friday, March 25, 2011

1st offical day of spring break


It's a brand new day and I'm on break! Time to jump out there, see your goals, and conquer the world! So what did I do this morning?!

I slept in.
Woot woot!

I think this break is a good chance to recuperate and prepare for the long/short/intense/sleep deprived/hello this is long/confusing/etc semester. 

So let's see, what were my goals for this break? 

Misty Listy: (?!)
Chore of the day: clean room? Failed.
Fun of the day: shopped! Win!
Homework of the day: 
Food of the day: chicken + tomatoes + lettuce + mayo + cucumbers + mushrooms + broccoli = yowzas
Excitement of the day: my order arrived today!
Meditation of the day: makeup play day

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