Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 7 of SB

Aww it's already half over =(

I drove to the LBC today to get some mentoring mentorness. Which basically means that I met up with my mentor (and her hubby) to discuss my thesis progression. 

For no particular reason, I am always a bit lost towards oiling the conversation after the initial discussion. As a conversation (about design/work/anything else I feel insecure about) continues past the twenty minute mark, I often lose focus and cannot carry through.

Loser! It is something I must work on.

Well, now I have gain some insight into the work that needs to go through the next few days and though it is tiring, it is definitely obtainable. We will see what happens.

But for now, look at this!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 6 of SB

I'm sleepy. It's late and I'm very incompetent at this time...

It's already Tuesday and I've barely progressed in my homework. Every step is a millimeter.

I hate millimeters!

Anyway, we had a Panera lunch today and I basked in the gorgeous warmth of the sun. Apparently it's going to be 86 degrees on Thursday! Oh sunshine, how have I missed you =)

I would like to apologize for the length of today's post. I'll try to make up for it later. Beep beep, good night! Er..morning..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 5 of SB

Apparently it is suppose to be about 86 degrees on Thursday this week. Curse you, weather! Why must you put us all through this temperamental roller coaster of physical and mental stress? 
Cold, hot, cold, hot...let's stick with warm?

Anyway, I got to visit one of my favorite places this morning! *insert sarcastic tone* Dr. Crentist, my dentist! 

...10 bonus points if you know what I am referring to... not you, Yua, I already told you. Actually I may have already revealed that on Facebook. Oh, nevermind.

I seriously have issues with my poorly deficient teeth. Not one has been healthy enough to be untouched. You complain about getting cavities? Why I outta...

Well, at the end of the day the fact stands that I have bad teeth but I WAS able to fix what needed attention and now I can continue to chew with both sides of my mouth.

I came to a realization about my work ethics today. I really cannot concentrate much in the day time. I sit there and draw a few lines and look outside and look inside and look at my toe and look at the power lines and look at my left pinkie and then look to my left, then my right, then up, then down, and then draw another line-
it's just not working.
So my conclusion for the day is to enjoy my day without much concern to working. Then return home and focus at night. Without fail, once 5-6pm came about, my mind was set and I came up with more ideas. Magic? No... more likely to be a malfunction.

Ok, enough with the typity-type-type. Tomorrow's a new day of possibilities and I may possibly get my Panera on.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 4 of SB

Sunday and I'm not rushing back to the LBC?

It takes a lot more effort to update this blog these days, perhaps I've fallen out of the daily habit I use to practice. 

Frustration with my project still! But I still feel like every baby step makes a difference so I will just take what I can get. 

New topic of discussion!
Which words do you find yourselves saying oddly?

What I mean is, I've never gone through life being aware of accents and varieties of ways to pronounce every day mundane items. But lately, certain words stand out.

I've realized I say the following words very weirdly-

*bag (I don't find this one weird but apparently Olivia does)

Anyway, today was a kick back day with a sprinkle of homework. Tomorrow is a visit to the dentist. Woop-de-friggin-do....

Creepy picture of the day!
My invention- Parf
(Pants Scarf)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 3 of SB

One's end to a spring break is also one's beginning. Sorry, Yua! 

We began the morning with an incredibly speedy IHOP breakfast and zoom zoom to the airport. My blogging is increasingly sophisticated isn't it?

The cloudy skies were unrelenting and threatened fat heavy raindrops as the day continued. 

I actually stayed in to do work so let's do the list first today!

Hw: Slight progress = hurray! Since we made some sort of progress, let's take the rest of the week off to celebrate!
Chores: none...kind of failed here
Favorite food of the day: Ryan's momma made flan. Mmmm
Success: Irene + Josh won third place at the IIDA 1:2 Competition!
Funniest moment of the day: Jimmy walked into a giant wall of windows. It was a loud thud and we all thought he was trying to be funny. Apparently his head still hurts.

I was looking through my recent Photobooth pictures and found these gems. Thought I should share.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 2 of SB

Spring Break that is.

Friday, friday, why is this song so famous? If you are unsure of what I am referring to ... it is a video by one, Rebecca Black, and it has already 30 million views on youtube! 30 million and hate messages with a dash of death threats.

Woah- it's just a video, people.

Anyway, I actually had the great honor of sleeping in today! Whoopie doopie =) We headed to lunch and then Target for essentials and some not so essentials.

Frodo got stopped by a random lady who preached the word of God to her and handed some paraphernalia. Of course, this happens quite often to Fro. Perhaps she looks like she needs a bit of guidance? (Teehee)

I still haven't done hw! But I've eaten, makeuped (ew, that looks gross), and hung out a lot! Here's the breakdown for today.

Chore: buy household essentials
Hw: failed
Fun: lunch with sistahs (yes, it makes us sound cooler) and dinner with family and friends
Tkd: trained for a little bit
Random: Ate egg waffles!
Makeup: Frodo

Friday, March 25, 2011

1st offical day of spring break


It's a brand new day and I'm on break! Time to jump out there, see your goals, and conquer the world! So what did I do this morning?!

I slept in.
Woot woot!

I think this break is a good chance to recuperate and prepare for the long/short/intense/sleep deprived/hello this is long/confusing/etc semester. 

So let's see, what were my goals for this break? 

Misty Listy: (?!)
Chore of the day: clean room? Failed.
Fun of the day: shopped! Win!
Homework of the day: 
Food of the day: chicken + tomatoes + lettuce + mayo + cucumbers + mushrooms + broccoli = yowzas
Excitement of the day: my order arrived today!
Meditation of the day: makeup play day

Thursday, March 24, 2011

There's a baller in my room!

Spring break, are you here?

My mid-reviews have finished and I have gathered a good handful of comments, suggestions, and options to sift through. It has been decided (through heavy and somewhat sporadic discussions with my friends) that good design is about change. It is about willing to explore the unfamiliar and tip toe into the unknown.

When there is a new territory, a new realm of ideas, it is a scary journey that must be tread through. You can expect disappointment, struggles, and confusions while searching for the greater good. I know my thesis is nowhere near done (sadly) but I am comforted by my willingness to stay persistent.

What to do now, break? Shall we climb Mount Everest? Swim the Pacific? Scream the loudest scream? Drink the drinkiest drink of all drinks?

Ok, the focus of this entry is starting to dwindle.

Anyway, spring break is just another week of work but possibly with more sleep. Joy! I should set a set of goals per day. One in each category: chore, homework, heath, and fun.

Since today was a half day, my only chore was to sweep the floors clean. Check! 

Check in tomorrow for my next exciting chore to share!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One more week till break

Apparently I cannot seem to take normal pictures anymore. Going through the semester's Mid-Reviews which are equivalent to everyone else's midterms.

Thus far the stress has slightly subsided but the workload has not. One thing to look forward to is the upcoming Spring Break! Not that it means we are scott free from work but at least the stress of physically being present in the classroom is halted for a week. Pjs all the way!

I shall return next week with more interesting updates to share...and more pictures that really cannot be more normal than the one above.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I love playing these types of games. *ahem* hence the obsessive Word Challenge playing on Facebook. We use to play this in elementary school and the first person to finish would be able to go out to play first. That was reason enough to get good at it. =D

If you are unsure of what anagrams are, they are basically words or phrases that are rearranged to create new words or phrases. This is Wikipedia's example:
eleven plus two = twelve plus one

See? The letters are all there, no additional and no extractions. 

So let's see how many words I can make out of my name (also mentioned on Fb)
*remember to try this with 4 letter or more!



Hmmm boring! Let's try it with my faux name now:



Yeah, that's worse. Ever tried your name?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How well do you know me?

I am truly a woman of mystery.

Well...maybe not so much but I did think it might be fun if I posted a list of personal questions and share a little more about myself.

Q: Where did the name Alifr come from? 

a.) a sound that my shoe made
b.) a deaf Starbucks lady
c.) a small island off the coast of Capri, Italy
d.) Lymo's chew toy

Q: How do I like to prepare my Cup Noodle?

a.) by cooking an egg, a few pieces of spam, and veggies
b.) by throwing away my Cup Noodle
c.) by throwing away all the contents other than the noodles
d.) by first coating the cup with Sriracha and Tapatio

Q: What was my favorite activity in elementary school?

a.) freeze tag
b.) cooking
c.) devising plans for world domination
d.) basketball

Q: What are my two sisters' names?

a.) Beth and Sally
b.) Olivia and Odona
c.) Sam and Frodo
d.) Odette and Ophra

Q: At what age did I start driving?

a.) 25
b.) 16
c.) 98
d.) 18

Q: What Halloween costume helped me win "Most Original" in my entire elementary school?

a.) dressing up as an Indian
b.) dressing up as a man
c.) dressing up as a banana
d.) dressing up as a mop

Q: What are my initials?
a.) O.M.G.
b.) O.W.N.
c.) O.I.N.K.
d.) O.B.N.

Q: What extra-curricular activities have I done in my youth?

a.) basketball, swimming, tennis, tkd, and piano
b.) tkd, break dancing, violin, ping pong, and racketball
c.) krumping, acrobatics, guitar, track, and miming
d.) stand up comedy

Q: How tall am I?

a.) 5' 9"
b.) 4' 10"
c.) 5' 1 3/4"
d.) 5' 3"

Q: What is my ultimate strength?

a.) singing
b.) dancing
c.) doing the Macarena
d.) nothing but at least I have a good life with good people =)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan

I will spare all of us the emotional pictures from the horrific natural disaster that has affected Japan and instead show this -

Why is it almost more devastating when some thing uncontrollable like this happens versus a man made incident? I suppose we all feel more helpless in these circumstances.

This post will not be lengthy nor will it be overly emotional (like some people- haha!) but I do feel that as a moral being I need to participate and make my contribution.

People are suffering and possessions are lost, suddenly our own personal issues seem to belittle the situation. Life is like this, it throws little reminders for all of us to appreciate what we do have. Please show a little bit of love by going to to donate whatever you can afford.

Also, they say the quake may be heading our West Coast way so please be careful and ALWAYS remember to tell your loved ones that you love them. This is one of those corny messages I use to laugh at but at the end of the day, corny never means that it is untrue.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tadao Ando

Ever heard of him? Seen him? Still no? Well time to employ Google and get to know of his work.
Whether you are involved in the architectural world or not, you will surely find inspiration and awe in Tadao Ando's work. 

Church of Light in Osaka, Japan

Shibuya Station in Tokyo

No, I will not be engaging in an in-depth discussion (4 page essay) about this man But after attending his lecture at the Hammer Museum tonight, here are my thoughts:

He is an architect that is world renowned for his amazing structural creations. But it did not require intensive education, it was all self-taught/intuitive/understood through experience. Impressive.

This bit of information has inspired me to seek beyond the knowledge taught from an educational curriculum. School can only teach us so much before we need to take it to the next step. Work is limiting and often mundane in the routine. We as emotional and spiritual beings need to find that inner urge to learn more.

I wish I could find a niche like Ando did, something that I just felt inclined to learn and practice. And I want to be able to do it well. 

His speech was given entirely in Japanese and translated through his colleague, the message did not lose its value.

We must always try to step out of our comfort zones and attempt to challenge the norm. It is only through struggles that there is change. He urged the audience that in their youth they should take advantage of the opportunities at hand. It is never too late to learn and we will never be too old to advance.

I seemed to have learned a lot tonight. I'm grateful for these life lessons (and for the late night Korean BBQ sitting happily in my stomach) and I leave you with the only quote that I can remember from tonight. It may not be verbatim but the gist of it is:

"Seek youth at every age."

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another ramble

There comes a time when you just have to accept the fact that you are not always right.

It's difficult and it's a life lesson you will want to reject but... and this is the part you will hate to understand- all the failures and hardships you encounter WILL make you stronger.

How many times have you felt that as a youth you would not have understood the importance of a certain event, circumstance, and or person? 

Of course the impact life's events are better accepted once you become older, more mature, and more knowledgeable. We will never know as much as we think we know. Age plays a great part in that, life will not reveal its lessons at any specific place in time. You will not know what it is until you know what it is, ya dig?

I suppose I can only share what I have learned so far and I know that tempers run high when you misunderstand the intentions of others. Once you control that anger and harness it to become a different strength, one that will guide you to knowledge and understanding, you can finally find peace. 

It's tough to grow up and you will always struggle but if you think of it in a different perspective, the struggle is what you want to experience. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sometimes I worry about these two

Rebels at heart. Growing up on the wrong side of SGV!

I was not sure what to write about tonight (err ... this morning) and though there are millions of serious issues happening in the world, I chose to write about these two clowns, otherwise known as my sisters.

You may be surprised (or not if you are a ruiner of my blog!) that many people find it incredibly shocking that we three are sisters. People exclaim that we do not look alike and wait maybe she looks like our mom and she looks like our dad and oh you look like her more than the other her ... what?

Let's put all the debates to a rest and confess who we really are:

Are you three really sisters?

I'm sorry, I cannot answer personal questions here. Next inquiry please.

Do you three fight often?

How often is often? And what do you mean by fighting? Fighting as in we get in a huge argument, throw precious glass onto the floors, and slam the doors to not speak for months? Or fighting as in quick disagreements and snippy responses?

In any case, neither. When we argue we throw down our gauntlets and settle our disputes MMA Ninja Style. Never heard or it? It never heard of you.

Which one is the weirdest?

Again, I don't understand this question.


How often do you talk to one another?

Since Olivia is the only one not at home, we talk possibly once a week or once every two weeks. It takes time for our carrier pigeons to get the conversation across.

Do you all dress alike?

We do not always own the same things but we will make every effort to match somehow.

Do you always support one another?

We're sisters first and foremost, then we are best friends. As the quote says, “Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support.”