Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Lunar New Years (belated)

My mom is famous amongst our friends and family for her gorgeous homemade new years cake. Don't let the picture fool you, the texture is gooey, the taste is delicious, and the festivities are fun. 

I apologize for not having this post up earlier as I felt a bit ill yesterday, but yes yes we did go home for the new year! We drove the 26ish miles back home to enjoy a full dinner with Mom & Dad. 

If you are unfamiliar with the Chinese culture, holidays like these have special meanings in everything. Twisting the tones of certain names could symbolize something new. For example, saying the word fish could be used in phrase signifying "A meaningful year."

Every single dish means something, every actions symbolizes something else, and everything is a tradition. 

The house must be cleaned prior to the day, hair must not be washed for at least three days following, red envelopes are given to the young, and well wishes must be wished!

Hope you all had a great year previously and happy new year now!

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