Thursday, February 24, 2011

February INs and OUTs

If you are unfamiliar to the format of this type of update, there is a sort of tag out there where people list their favorite things of the month and their no-longer-favorites-because-they-were-so-2010 things of the month. 

It's pretty simple and please feel free to do this yourself if you would like =)


I have always enjoyed taking pictures but lately it seems to have taken a much larger role in my life. Not that I am any sort of expert on ...well...anything! But I do enjoy that shutter click and it makes my day when I realize I actually took a picture worth saving.

Slouchy shirts
I have come to the realization that style is one thing but comfort is a much better prettier other thing. I much prefer finding a messy comfortable oversized shirt over any tight form fitting club shirt any day.

Oh believe me when I say I had my share of pouty, bratty, temperamental teenager moments. So since growing past that age I just cannot stand people who have not. High school style drama is stupid, even in sitcoms.

Low maintenance hair
All I do now is shampoo, condition, and comb. Simplicity is satisfying.


Cold weather
I'm not a fan, obviously I'm human (ha-ha! ophed!) most likely because I get cold very very easily. But I am ready for more sunshine and while I'm not the biggest fan of sticky sweaty nights, I just want a gorgey summery breeze with the warm sun beaming down. Geez, too much to ask for?

Ball point pens
This may be odd to most people but I can't stand ball point pens! They are difficult to write with, sketch with, and dance with. Me no likey.

I am a pack rat and I know it. Everything is memorable for me! I still have the price tag for those pants that I got a really good deal on...who does that?! It is difficult for me to let things go because either they hold some sort of sentimental value OR I feel guilty wasting. But alas, most of it is sitting here collecting dust anyway.

Vampire craze
I don't get it and I suppose I never will but maybe I'm just not hip like all the hipsters are... perhaps the next big thing will be some 17 year old kid with a big ego and a lesbian hair cut who makes annoying songs, ay?

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