Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A walk in the cold

Location: Old Town Pasadena
Date: January 11, 2011
Purpose: To freeze in the cold

The morning was cold yet gorgeous and all our plans to eat/sit/sing outside quickly faded with every step we took.

Jamba Juice is having a deal for $1 ($1.10 to be exact) oatmeal and although it was not by any means, the Most Amazing Oatmeal in the World, it was still a nice breakfast.

We only walked to a few stores because we spent most of our time outdoors walking through the little niches of the city we've so often visited. There were many areas that we still found ourselves walking through for the first time.

Here's Hammer Homer taking out Olivia's foot. (I obviously made up that name)

Lots of really good deals still lingering around and I'm so glad we spent some time outdoors. AND I finally found some really adorable xmas tree decor for 2011! Photos to follow tomorrow! =D

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