Friday, January 14, 2011

Smile and let those wrinkles show!

This photo helps prove that beauty exists everywhere. The new, the old, the fresh, the decayed. It's all in the eye of the beholder and my eyes say, "rust looks good!"

It might seem odd to some but I'm a fan of aging. I think aging comes with great advantages- the older you get, the more experience and confidence you find. I could not even pretend to have enjoyed the naive foolishness of my adolescence. In fact, I hated teenagers even while I was a teenager. No wait, even worse- preteen years.

But at this point, I don't ever feel like my age (at any time) will be too old. It's a matter of opinion of course. You always feel like your situation is different, and don't you feel offended when high schoolers look at the younger generation and say crap like, "OMG I'm so old now"

That definitely deserves a head smack.

I'm grateful of maturity resulting from years of poorly executed methods and honestly, I think aging looks beautiful =) In fact, I actually like smile lines around the eyes.

I recently read an article where Julia Restoin Roitfeld (Lancome's new face, from this month's Glamour) noted that "Wrinkles can be beautiful. They're part of who you are, your charm and your history."

I was excited to finally see someone feel the same way I feel.

Of course I do say this at age 24 (almost 25) so I suppose it's still early days.

Well, my random tangent is over so let me share some photos of the pups:

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