Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

The aftermath of the party

How was everyone's New Years eve? Did you all celebrate it in front of the prerecorded New York Times Square celebrations? Or was it more of a, "Oh is it 12:30am already?"

Either way, welcome to the new year. Every new year I find people eager to start new year resolutions to try to improve themselves and create new goals to reach. And while I do not find a great fault in this idea, I believe that it is even more important to look back on the previous year and recall all your achievements, disappointments, and lessons.

Of course it is difficult to take into account every single thing that you have done in the past year. But when you take the time to just think of each significant experience as a chapter in your 2010 life, you could probably write a book!

So look back, I did. I looked back at all my 2010 pictures (bearing in mind that I am certainly camera happy) and could not believe how many events I had assumed happened a million years ago was just barely last year. Did that make sense? Anyway-

Our new years party was intimately small and I like it that way. I created a little game that entertained the later portion of our night which lead to a lot of story telling and story sharing. All in all, it was a successful night.

There were also little play pieces.

And then our reenactment of these faces.

It was a lovely start to the new year, considering we almost forgot to participate in the countdown, I still am glad to see the world age another year younger. So happy 2011, Earth!

And thank you to all those who continue to support my blog! I really appreciate seeing the page views go up, it is quite exciting and motivating =D

Also, I've started a tumblr project in which I will update one entry every day of 2011 and well, if you are interested you can join me here:


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  1. happy new year!
    remember to put down 2011 when you are writing the date from now on!