Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Do you find that the older you get the more you begin to realize the value of family, friends, culture, and values?

In other words,

Must we age to learn to appreciate life?

I suppose the answer is yes and the response to that is, "haha." I've wasted a lot of time looking back at all the mistakes of my youth and constantly pondering what could have been done instead.

Well, I suppose what I've really gathered through the years is that you make stupid mistakes for a reason. How else are you suppose to learn? Not only will you learn from your stupid mistakes, you can take a lot away from other people's stupid mistakes as well! So next time your dumbass friend does something dumbass- say thank you!

Growing up is hard to do but every single time you look back you always think, "that wasn't so bad" =)

In other news-

I'm so disappointed that Huntington Library has run out of tickets for their monthly Free Day! If you're ever interested, they allow free tickets every first Thursday of every month but book early!

We had a great coffee afternoon followed by a fun Ulta and Sephora visit. Here's a quick list of things I bought:
Egyptian Mask
Dentek Floss
Sally Hansen Mega Shine Nail Polish
Sephora sharpener
Fresh Sugar Perfume


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  1. ummm coffee~~sounds good! i haven't had it for over a week... can't believe myself. how are you? what's the other blog you were talking about in your previous post?