Saturday, January 29, 2011

A walk.

Time to bust out those chains again.

We don't often take our dogs for walks, so little trips like this really stand out. I decided to bring my big ole chunky camera with me on this walk.

The days are getting chillier and my layers of clothing are quickly multiplying. I'm not the biggest fan of the cold, though I do enjoy chilly/sunny days, it often leaves me dry skin with a runny nose and red cheeks.

Though to be honest, it's really days like this that make the best pictures. Heroic Lymo one here:

-It almost looks photoshopped!

This particular image brings a sense of longing to my mind. It feels like one is pulling and the other won't let go.

"I don't know you! Give me my purse!"

Gotta love that King of the Hill

A strike through the sky and it becomes a debate whether the picture is completed or destroyed.

Enjoying the winter season yet?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ever waited so long to do something that regret fills your core?

No? Me neither.

Well, these thirteen bags beg to differ-

Couldn't fit them all in for the group shot but you get the point.

Jeanne and I spent the later half of the day raking, cleaning, scooping, scraping, and cleaning the backyard that had been neglected for the past two years. End result? Disbelief.

I suppose this goes to show ya, kids-

procrastination fills thirteen bags

Saturday, January 22, 2011

We went off trail

A gorgeous day to explore another path.

If some of you may remember, I did my most recent school project with the concept of "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. And today, I felt like we took the puny version of it =)

Off we drove to hike the mountains above Pasadena and found many quiet moments to bond with nature.

It's always fun to explore and even better to do so outdoors. I will never take fresh air and warm sunshine for granted.

Because we took the lesser traveled paths, we came across many woodland creatures and untouched land. There were quiet moments of possible encounters but alas, we were not so lucky =)

Odo did find a tepee made of sticks though...

A stream of consciousness flowed through our minds that health is important to the physical body, mind, and soul. I will miss these days.

As the sun was beginning to make its exist, we took a last glance at the fallen beauty and breathed in the day's events. Pictures are beautiful but in the end, they are only pictures. You really have to be there to appreciate it, you have to touch it to know how it feels, and you have to taste it to digest it.

*This does not mean to actually go up to a tree and lick it. That's your prerogative...

The sun may have set on our day's journey but the location will be revisited!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Grow a beard

Apparently my last post has insulted 50% of my family (obviously the parents, the sisters are numb to these things by now) so here's my rebuttal:

Weird is funny,
Funny is weird,
I can say what I want,
Now grow a beard.

Anyway, look at this and tell me they're normal

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My family consists of weirdos

Everyone's family is different: some quiet and some loud, some small and some big, some normal and some ... odd.

Being fully unaware of our family's oddities- I grew up playing rowdy, screaming loudly while riding my bike outside with my sisters at midnight. Did I happen to mention we were only in elementary school? We made ourselves very well known in the neighborhood. In fact, when we moved from one home to another, old neighbors would comment about how the nights were so quiet without us.

I choose to take that as a compliment.

All in all, my family is my family. You have friends who come and go but family will always be there for you.

We're a tight bunch because...well, weirdos gotta stick with the weirdos

Favorite family moment? Whenever the night ends with laughter.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Something happened to an old elementary classmate of mine. The last time I spoke to her was back in 6th grade but... certain circumstances called for unplanned reunions.

My heart goes out to her and her family...and anyone else whose lives were altered.

I guess it's best to say that you should always value life and make every moment count. You really never know when it is your last.

It's corny but it's true.

In other news, my doggies make me happy =)

Friday, January 14, 2011

I finally found you

The long wait is over. I found you, dustpan. <3

Also, the dogs don't listen to Frodo

Smile and let those wrinkles show!

This photo helps prove that beauty exists everywhere. The new, the old, the fresh, the decayed. It's all in the eye of the beholder and my eyes say, "rust looks good!"

It might seem odd to some but I'm a fan of aging. I think aging comes with great advantages- the older you get, the more experience and confidence you find. I could not even pretend to have enjoyed the naive foolishness of my adolescence. In fact, I hated teenagers even while I was a teenager. No wait, even worse- preteen years.

But at this point, I don't ever feel like my age (at any time) will be too old. It's a matter of opinion of course. You always feel like your situation is different, and don't you feel offended when high schoolers look at the younger generation and say crap like, "OMG I'm so old now"

That definitely deserves a head smack.

I'm grateful of maturity resulting from years of poorly executed methods and honestly, I think aging looks beautiful =) In fact, I actually like smile lines around the eyes.

I recently read an article where Julia Restoin Roitfeld (Lancome's new face, from this month's Glamour) noted that "Wrinkles can be beautiful. They're part of who you are, your charm and your history."

I was excited to finally see someone feel the same way I feel.

Of course I do say this at age 24 (almost 25) so I suppose it's still early days.

Well, my random tangent is over so let me share some photos of the pups:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A walk in the cold

Location: Old Town Pasadena
Date: January 11, 2011
Purpose: To freeze in the cold

The morning was cold yet gorgeous and all our plans to eat/sit/sing outside quickly faded with every step we took.

Jamba Juice is having a deal for $1 ($1.10 to be exact) oatmeal and although it was not by any means, the Most Amazing Oatmeal in the World, it was still a nice breakfast.

We only walked to a few stores because we spent most of our time outdoors walking through the little niches of the city we've so often visited. There were many areas that we still found ourselves walking through for the first time.

Here's Hammer Homer taking out Olivia's foot. (I obviously made up that name)

Lots of really good deals still lingering around and I'm so glad we spent some time outdoors. AND I finally found some really adorable xmas tree decor for 2011! Photos to follow tomorrow! =D

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Had a screaming contest with the family.

In the end, the blender won.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

One winter break goal is accomplished. But I didn't take a good After picture yet so... you can see the Before:

Moving on...

Guess where we went today? I'll give you a hint:

Where can you find fish, fun, and family time?
Not getting it? Okay, how about this:

Which place other than Disneyland are Stroller Wars prevalent?

What rhymes with Macrarium of the Macific?

You're right!

And what gorgeous sights we found.

Can you find the seahorse?

The night ended with a terrible tire screeching dinner in Belmont Shores. REALLY ended with some Ben & Jerry's but I didn't really want to say in case Jimmy got jealous. Teehee

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Tips To Becoming A Happier Person

1. Always be courteous.

Open doors for others. No matter their age, sex, race, just hold the damn door for other people! It's the little things in life that make a difference.

2. Take the time to enjoy what you are doing.

Mundane activities often feel mundane but if you slow down enough to think about what you are doing and why you are doing it, you may actually find enjoyment in daily activities. Something as simple as brushing your teeth can turn into a private rock and roll concert in your bathroom.

Turn something lame into a game!

3. Make time for yourself.

Our days are often filled with heavy activities that though seem mundane, also consume much time and energy. At the end of the day it feels like a huge burden to do anything other than flopping on your bed and falling into a droolful sleep.


I have found through my personal experiences that spending personal private time is the best way to destress. I began reading more and organizing my rooms more and even cleaning became relaxing. Odd.

Now when I am upset and angry, I would take time out and just spend time with me me me.

4. Ditch technology once in a while

We use it every single day: cell phones, televisions, computers, ipod, itouch, itech, ieyes

Challenge yourself and turn off your devices every so often or purposely leave them at home. Go to dinner with friends and silence your phone, go on a hike with your family and sing loud obnoxious songs together without your ipod. Go take a weekend trip and don't sign onto Twitter for once.

Life went on without all these technologies before so there's no reason why you cannot live without them for a little bit.

...that is, of course, unless you are awaiting an important call like your wife is about to have a baby or your boss needs your confirmation or you are about to get a call from Obama...either circumstance.

5. Get some fresh air.

We don't all always have the chance to be outdoors to grab onto that opportunity like a dog to his tail. Step outside, even for a minute, and breathe in some fresh air.

Live in LA? Well... try to do it either in the early morning or late late night.

6. Back to the basics.

Sometimes we over-complicate life with questions and dramatized theories. But more often than not, the answer so simply sits in front of us. Just sit back, take a deep breath, and think.

When you are facing a dilemma, think of how it might parallel with something from your past. How did you deal with it then?

Since I have been teaching for the past 6 or so years, I have noticed that a lot of children handle issues just as adults would. More importantly, I've made the correlation between adults and children. I see how peers respond to issues as kids would. Hehe!

7. Don't wait to do something.

Waiting is for losers! Literally. If you wait too long for an opportunity and you do not seek what you most desire, you will lose it! I am a mighty procrastinator and often times I miss out. Well, no more stupid old me! Seize the day! Or at least don't procrastinate so much...

8. Enjoy your life, you only get one!

If you've always wanted to do something, just do it already. Waiting for approval? Waiting for encouragement? Encourage yourself!
If your life's desire is to eat that calorie filled cupcake, just eat it! How much happier would it make you!?! (this does not apply if you are struggling with health issues lol)

Want to see the world? Don't wait, start saving and make this dream happen =)

9. Appreciate what you do have and stop focusing on what you don't have.

I have uneven eyes, a large forehead, fake teeth, and a big ass. Oh and lots of moles.

Well, connect those moles and they spell out my name, who knows? Who else cares about your imperfections other than yourself? Who really notices? Who really will take time out of their lives to focus on you?

I'm going to be harsh but you are pretty self-centered if you believe that other people are obsessed with your bad hair days or mismatched outfit or your untrimmed bangs. Along with that, you need more things to do if you take time to focus on other people's imperfections. It's a two way street.

Instead, just enjoy life and make the most of your life by focusing on what you do have. What you like about yourself. I like that I am not obsessed with perfection, I like that I am painfully sarcastic at times, and I like that I can run around in a loud song and dance and my family would barely blink an eye.

10. Just laugh it off.

Life sucks sometimes, bad things can happen to good people, and there really isn't much we can do. The best thing I can think of doing is to find the good side of things and try to laugh it off. It's okay to feel bad and then it's time to move on.

I find that the laugh lines around my eyes and mouth make me unusually happy. Laughing is stress relieving and enjoyable. Laugh and live life! Laugh or I'll laugh at you.
Do you find that the older you get the more you begin to realize the value of family, friends, culture, and values?

In other words,

Must we age to learn to appreciate life?

I suppose the answer is yes and the response to that is, "haha." I've wasted a lot of time looking back at all the mistakes of my youth and constantly pondering what could have been done instead.

Well, I suppose what I've really gathered through the years is that you make stupid mistakes for a reason. How else are you suppose to learn? Not only will you learn from your stupid mistakes, you can take a lot away from other people's stupid mistakes as well! So next time your dumbass friend does something dumbass- say thank you!

Growing up is hard to do but every single time you look back you always think, "that wasn't so bad" =)

In other news-

I'm so disappointed that Huntington Library has run out of tickets for their monthly Free Day! If you're ever interested, they allow free tickets every first Thursday of every month but book early!

We had a great coffee afternoon followed by a fun Ulta and Sephora visit. Here's a quick list of things I bought:
Egyptian Mask
Dentek Floss
Sally Hansen Mega Shine Nail Polish
Sephora sharpener
Fresh Sugar Perfume


Monday, January 3, 2011

Hmm I'm not sure how to manage both my tumblr account and my blogger account. Which one will serve as my daily update and what would the difference be? I enjoy trying different types of blogging sites so I suppose this will be the experimental period.

I'm still dedicated to update one post every day on my tumblr assuming that each entry will be shorty short short versus this blog which will feature greater detail? Oh I don't know...

Anyway, it's incredibly beautiful today! Gorgy, in fact. But I am sure that does not disappoint when it tells us that the rain will be likely to make another visit tomorrow.

We had some Thai Paradise with some Target in the mix today. I love these nothing days. They are highly addicting and comfortable. I want to make every single day of this break count.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

The aftermath of the party

How was everyone's New Years eve? Did you all celebrate it in front of the prerecorded New York Times Square celebrations? Or was it more of a, "Oh is it 12:30am already?"

Either way, welcome to the new year. Every new year I find people eager to start new year resolutions to try to improve themselves and create new goals to reach. And while I do not find a great fault in this idea, I believe that it is even more important to look back on the previous year and recall all your achievements, disappointments, and lessons.

Of course it is difficult to take into account every single thing that you have done in the past year. But when you take the time to just think of each significant experience as a chapter in your 2010 life, you could probably write a book!

So look back, I did. I looked back at all my 2010 pictures (bearing in mind that I am certainly camera happy) and could not believe how many events I had assumed happened a million years ago was just barely last year. Did that make sense? Anyway-

Our new years party was intimately small and I like it that way. I created a little game that entertained the later portion of our night which lead to a lot of story telling and story sharing. All in all, it was a successful night.

There were also little play pieces.

And then our reenactment of these faces.

It was a lovely start to the new year, considering we almost forgot to participate in the countdown, I still am glad to see the world age another year younger. So happy 2011, Earth!

And thank you to all those who continue to support my blog! I really appreciate seeing the page views go up, it is quite exciting and motivating =D

Also, I've started a tumblr project in which I will update one entry every day of 2011 and well, if you are interested you can join me here: