Sunday, December 26, 2010

RAK- Random Act of Kindness

Ah Christmas is over. All the gifts have been opened, all the leftovers have been left, and all the drinks have been drunken.

Hellooo 2011, we're ready for you!

Christmas was fun, a few of our relatives came from various locations to feast with us and although the size of the party had decimated, the festivities were still lively.

We all had so much fun we could not contain ourselves.

We woke up to morning training and I quickly realized my loss of fitness over break. I need some work!

Sometimes humanity is disappointing. My parents had taken my car to the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond only to find the need for a jump start as the battery stalled. My dad walked up to some guy who was leaving with his family and asked if he could just help them jumpstart the car. So the guy nodded yes and proceeded to drive off.


Luckily a pair of guys were driving by and saw my little car's hood standing up like a white flag waving for mercy. Without question, they drove straight to my parents and popped the hood to help.

Why can't we all just lend a helping hand to each other like this? Sometimes we find jerks who find humor in misery but then yin has a yang and kindness does exist.

This new year I urge everyone to make it a point to spread kindness. Do good. Do help. Do care. If we all sit back and wait for something to happen, nothing will. SOooo- one random act of kindness and not only will you feel so much happier, you will make someone else feel happier too.


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