Friday, December 3, 2010

Oooh boy, here I am again..sitting here staring at Illustrator while listening to the sounds of my own crunching while eating Have'A Corn Chips.

Welcome to my Thursday!

Meng Meng and I hit up the Cerritos mall today to do some Christmas shopping per her logic, "I won't have time later." We DID manage to find some good deals and even though we walked half way around the world to find Bath and Body Works, I still had a really nice break away from projects. least for that moment.

The candle flavor of the day is.... Japanese Cherry Blossom! Try it out at B&BW, it smells lovely. Even better, try Sea Island Cotton. Mmmmm

Ok, enough of this stalling, back to homework!

ps. "stalling" sounds like "Stalin" which is completely different.

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