Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's time for cheer and happiness. Let's all remember what to be grateful for.

In honor of it being Christmas Eve and all, here is my holiday contribution:

The lights that litter glitter throughout the neighborhood,
Spread cheer and love and good.
Happy smiles exchanged with both strangers and friends,
Time to make new choices and amends.
Traveling back and forth to share,
That joy of the season with those you care.
Tis the season where drinking is celebrated,
Where you can eat and eat until satiated.

Laughter surrounds the dinner table,
While Home Alone plays on cable.
A witty remark is followed with sarcastic returns,
It's all in good humor to take turn with burns.
Every year relatives ask how old you are,
What you are doing or making and how life is so far.
You answer patiently but you know they always forget,
They'll ask you the same things next year I bet.

The tree stands naked awaiting its armor of lights,
So that it could stand heroically through the nights.
The oven houses the pot roast awaiting its fate,
Too bad to all those who arrive too late.
For now it's time to return to my family-
and their insanity

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