Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A helping hand

LA Food Bank

We made the journey through the glorious 10 freeway and arrived at the LA Food Bank around 9am.

The four hours spent there involved sorting, throwing, boxing, and latex gloves but at the end of the shift it felt worth it. It's good to lend a helping hand because every bit makes a difference. =)

We were awarded a spoon pen at the end of the day. Joyous.

If YOU ever want to help, don't hesitate! The efforts go towards homeless, low income families, single mothers, children...everyone!

We had lunch in Little Tokyo after and walked around a bit. It's quite nice to find little cultural niches such as these to remind us that we have such unique qualities we can share with each other. That is one of the greatest parts of living in LA, you just have a variety of cultural customs. You can drive 20 minutes to downtown to eat Korean BBQ, then drive a few minutes to get to Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Little Armenia, and end your evening with a taco truck.

Anything is possible!

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