Monday, November 15, 2010

New York

It has always been a place of interest. I've seen tons of movies based in New York and I always hear the wonderful and horrible things that happen in such a large city.

I was excited to experience the city myself and as I awoke early Tuesday morning (11/9) at 4:30 am, I was a bit giddy.

Yes, this will be quite the recap and a superbly loooonnnngggg entry so if you are not interested, there are pictures sprinkled throughout so you can just skim through =)

So we arrived in NY around 3pm and was immediately thrown into the chaos of activity. We were greeted with Metrocard machines where you could purchase your metro cards and reload them as necessary for each subway ride. It was quite the challenge getting through the subway entrances and stairs with our inconvenient check in luggage.

Walk, walk, walk, slide card, walk through, BAM...luggage stuck.


The city was so beautiful as every building varies in architectural design from another. We all found it difficult to not gape and immediately snap photos while walking towards our hotel. I ALWAYS had the urge to increase the 'I'm A Tourist!' status.

The hotel was...uh... not worth it.

...look at this nice building instead!

Second day, Wednesday (11/10) was the first of our many sightseeing days. We took the Metro - metro? subway? difference? - and walked towards Destination 1 of the day: the Guggenheim.

The interior architecture was amazingly beautiful with the spiraling walkways and gorgeous circular ceiling detail.

The space itself? Awful! As you walk throughout the museum you begin to feel uncomfortable with the lighting and the placement of the art. Once I walked up to the third level or so I was ready to go.

At least it looked nice!

Next we walked through Central Park and this was when my camera became too temperamental to retain enough battery for me to use.

"Stupid camera! You're getting Time-Out!"

We walked throughout the space seeing the Rose Center, Dakota House, Strawberry Fields, 41 Cooper Square, and ended our night in Chinatown. =)

Look at the awesomeness of our hotel!

That was sarcasm in case you cannot tell.

It had one main elevator for all guests and residences to use but this was not just a regular hotel, it was one shared with lower income housing so the space was a bit dilapidated and scary.

Think The Shining and add in babies screaming plus mommies yelling. <3>

Day 3 Thursday (11/11) Veteran's Day. I didn't realize it was Veteran's Day despite the fact that many men and women from the armed forces were swarming through the streets and crowding in all restaurants, stores, and drink places... Anyway, we made our way through the streets and found random treasures like this:

NY is full of randomly placed parks and sitting areas for busy bees to settle down for a meal or just to rest. It can be located between tally tall tall skyscrapers or just in the middle of streets. Beautiful =)

When we finally arrived at the MOMA, we were greeted by a large line of people outside the entrance. It was definitely worth it though! I really enjoyed the space and the art, it is now my new favorite museum!

After this was a walk toward the Rockefeller Center and then enjoying a good ole hot dog from the street carts. Soon we had to go to our first firm visit and found the Flatiron Building right next to the subway exit.

After the firm visit, we treaded through Chelsea Park to see the Highline Park. This was a former railroad system that was transformed into a beautiful park for all visitors and natives to enjoy. Night view!

We ended this night with a delicious dinner at a randomly found French restaurant and some shopping.

Friday! Day 4 (11/12) a long walk towards Madisson Garden.

We arrived at the Center of Architecture to view the interesting details of famous architecture throughout the country.

We even found a floor of student work! So cute =)

Then it was lunch at an Indian restaurant in Greenwich Village followed by a walk to the Meatpacking District for firm visit #2.

I didn't manage to capture any pictures in the firm but we walked to the Highline again afterward with the rest of our class and enjoyed the park in the daytime. Equally beautiful in my opinion.

Then we took a metro toward Staten Island where we could see the Statue of Liberty from afar. We managed to catch the gorgeous sunset on our last full day of New York.

Oh it was a nice trip and I will be very happy to return for another visit. Till next time, New York.

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