Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Saturday night! Err... Sunday morning? In any case, I am sitting in front of Julia & Julia (which btw is a pretty good movie) and I just realized that the past few days have been entry-free... we must fix that.

Thursday was when Mr. J took the day off work to hang out in the LBC with me. A bit past noon came a phone call-

Meng: Hey I just finished, where do you guys want to go for lunch?
Me: We were just talking about Korean BBQ.
Meng: OKAY!

heheh, there's the way to win someone's heart. Korean BBQ <3>

Later that day we headed over to Fry's Electronics and later 85C plaza where Jeanne's friend scored us some free drinks. Here's the JimOphe creation:

a mess.

Ever so full from sea salt coffee and carrying three free large Lollicup drinks, we walked into H Mart to find some things to munch on. It's always so interesting to walk into another culture's markets. This Korean market featured many unique and different looking fruits and vegetables.

We ended up with two types of fruit, first off was this Concord grape wannabe

Next was the rama...rab..ra...I forgot...

It looks odd but it basically tastes like a lychee


We went to Disneyland for the day to watch World of Color again. I didn't capture too many pictures but I did manage to catch this beauty

Jimmy's face is just like that


It was tour time to see the Golden West College Library. Last project of the semester!

It is a project where we are designing from the entry way into the third story library stacks. I'm kind of glad we get to have more liberties in our last project prior to thesis but I'm not quite sure which direction to head towards yet.

I like the skylights

And the exterior

After this grand tour was a grand drive back home. Luckily for me, the 10 West entrance was closed and then the 60 West was backed up and then the local streets were full of brake lights. Ahhh

I just realized that I've spent a large part of my life on freeways. Oh geez, someone pass the ice-cream.

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  1. nice. that red fruit thing called RAMBUTAN . yummy! *^^*