Monday, November 22, 2010

It was a fundraising day today! 7 soups, 2 types of bread, and some lemonade. Welcome to the IA Fundraiser.

It's odd how some things sound so simple yet are so effective.

We basically spent our day slaving away at our tables with autocad, sketching, 3dmax (not me), and lots of evenly calculated sighing. After working on our library came the building codes lecture. Type 1 buildings are noncombustible and the means of egress is based on the maximum number of occupants and the number of toilets are based on the ....

say "Whaaa???"

Tomorrow is day 2 of the Crock Pot soup party and a possible jury duty call =/ wish me luck!

Jeanne and I went to Target and I found this by Mulberry. Cutie, welcome to my home

It's almost Thanksgiving!!!

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