Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hold strong!

Oh crap.

Yes, that IS how I'm feeling right now!

I come back from break feeling like I am ready to conquer my projects, ready to start the race, ready to show the project who's boss.

And then I come home to find that the project's terrorizing me, the race is half over, and my project is that tyrant that throws rocks at me. Eep!

Well, we must do as students do and just work irrational hours while snacking and coffee-ing. I'm going to coin the term "coffee-ing" and incorporate that into my daily verbiage somehow.

If there are any of you out there who are flailing, listen up!

It's scary and stressful and difficult but it's just another speed bump you have to roll over. Pushy your tushy and it's going to be over in no time. Soon it's going to be Christmas and you will be groaning over bloated stomachs!

Stay strong!

Because that's what the salt and pepper shaker man says.

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