Saturday, November 20, 2010

Really working on thesis now

From now till the end of my school year I will be embarking on a mission to fulfilling my thesis project: a taekwondo training facility that offers an large range of activities for both children and adults.

I spent last night interviewing fellow tkd members for my thesis project and here are my results:

Master wants a large space where adults and children have separate training areas to help better their personal fitness regimen

Anthony, 17, enjoys the facilities that currently exists but is excited at the prospect of the studio expanding. Also, he would like a pine freshener in the locker room.

Sean, 12, is interested in having an after school program where he can do his homework with a mentor/tutor. He also really likes training with people older than him because "they might teach us something we don't know."

James, 26, and Jimmy, 28, have concluded that they want a two story building with a large waterfall and holographic trees for accent.

Progress on project : 20%


  1. after reading what everyone wants, i'm gonna say you need to conduct better research (or better interviewees). progress: 10%