Monday, November 1, 2010

Found that darn camera cord!

Finally! Here's what you missed out in my life...visually

Here was that one night/morning that May and I pulled the all-nighter. I'm glad we stayed organized and healthy.

After the tornado of work, I decided to take a nap and suggested Mz. May do so too. She refused so...

Saturday was another 'Let's bring friends into Disneyland' day and look at their festivities!

Since Jimbo (le bimbo) was just bringing his friends in, we left at an incredibly early hour. No traffic and no pedestrians in the parking lot. I had to do it.

This photo was a series of jumping ones but I suppose that would be best appreciated in a video form so it will be up later. Here is my 'tired from jumping' face

The weather was gorgeous yet the clouds were mildly threatening. Jimmy was trying to wave to passerbys but they never reciprocated. Perhaps he scared them.

It's Sunday night now and tomorrow is the presentation! Ahhh, must get rest and be prepared.


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