Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another visit to downtown LA

I don't have photos today! The blog always feels a slight bit emptier without pictures but I digress-

We made our way downtown today for a firm visit with Steinberg Architects. Every time we travel downtown I realize more and more that it is a place I have little interest working in. Of course sometimes beggars cannot be choosers so if I do end up in the maze of skyscrapers and impatient pedestrians.

The entrance to the building echoed the history of the city and with every step I could sense a tinge of excitement. Then we entered the firm's foyer and... well, it stopped.

It was a day of many personalities and a lot of private discussions. I must say it is difficult to work with others but the key is yelling or crying or silent treatments or any temper tantrums do not solve anything. Attitude deserves a slap on the cheek followed by a punch to the face.

Well, I was not personally involved but at the end of the day I am brought in as a mediator and so now I must plan out my next act.

My experience with group frustrations is to never take things too personally or too seriously. Life is seriously just too short.

Of course that is easier said than done but well, you can either learn to accept that later on in life or spend the majority of your life with frustration before accepting the facts.


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