Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another project done

I am so blown away that we are yet another project closer to graduation... Weird.

Well we had another presentation today, this time at Perkins & Will Architects and I cannot say too much other than I am glad that one is done and over with.

Here is a perspective drawing and part of the model for your viewing pleasure.

I realize that my prior plans to try to update this blog daily has terribly failed and I cannot say that I did not try. Last semester seemed so do-able and this semester? I find it difficult to remember the times and dates of each day. I will still try to update whenever possible but the daily thing was really just a figment of your imagination...

Halloween just passed and I decided to create two different creations. One side is a sort of flower/fairy/delicate/something I am not sure how to describe look. The other is a squid exploding....

It's time to sleep but I need to end with a final thought.

It was, is, and always will be a bit difficult to take criticism no matter how constructive or frivolous it is. In the end you need to accept the comments, extract what can be positively applied to you and move on.

Moving on with your life is always so difficult whether it be with school, work, or personal issues. The strength lies in the thought process, you can always grow mentally so yes it will hurt. No not every attempt will be great but each attempt will bring you closer and closer to success. I think that at the end of the day, success will lie in those who seek to learn.

I have learned that I can move on. Success.

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