Sunday, November 28, 2010

And this chick turns 19

woot woot to Odona! Happy birthday to youuuuu

We're back from San Jose and it was a nice getaway where we spent a lot of time with family and hung around eating. Well, it really was eat - sleep - eat - sleep. Ahh the life =)

I'm sad the first wave of holidays is over but only a few more weeks till xmas so.. here starts the countdown!

And in honor of Frodo, here is the evolution of her name:

-> Ying Chee (chinese name) = Ching = Chingo = Yingo = Cheese = Chingaling (Olivia's creation)
-> Odo = Frodo = Frodona = Fro = Fro Fro

Either way, what a, weirdona

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