Monday, October 18, 2010

Why do only kids get this!?

This was in the Korean Airport in Seoul, the Incheon International Airport. I am so jealous that these little areas are created for the impatient little ones who need some way to exert their energy.

Ok, we did enjoy it ourselves too...

Some of the components were a bit odd....

My mom decided to share the story of my youthful tendencies during dinner last night. Apparently as a two year old, my mom took me to Hong Kong on her own to attend her relative's wedding. I am not a sleeper by nature so I took to walking up and down the aisles throughout the flight. After we landed and arrived at the wedding, I had also felt the need to walk through the reception for limitless hours.


She said my feet were sooooo gross.... love ya, mom!

I had to end with this picture because they both look so bored and down. Well, that is the toll that takes on one when they travel so much! It was just a week and a half, can you imagine what this can do to you in the span of a year?!

For today's update we had our Senior Works In Progress show. Whoop-dee-doo. That was sarcasm by the way.

I'll update with a few pictures tomorrow. For now I am so tired and ready to hit the hay as they say. I rhyme all the time!

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