Saturday, October 9, 2010


It's done for the day. "Donzos Repunzels" according to Olivia's friend.

We came downstairs to find that our interpreter, Nika, had worn these fabulous shoes!


Another long day of tournamenting and I am glad this one is finally over!

I was in competition and warm ups all day so I could not photograph much. Here are a few pictures the other two took!

Nika (our interpreter), Olivia, and Sarang (our Belgium friend)

Here are a few with the local kids

My partner, Alex, and I finished with the Semi-Finals and though I am sure we have many things we would have wanted to change, the performance was a great success as a whole. I think we did our best and of course in terms of competing against the best of the best, it was pretty cool.

I have my last competition tomorrow and I will be sure to try to enjoy every moment of it. Funny enough, today's entire process was not very nerve-wracking. I felt good for the most part and minus some anxiousness to get out there and do my thing, I liked being surrounded by 62 other countries during warm ups.

I think this experience has really allowed me to grow as a competitor and I wish to always improve. The question is will I have the opportunity or motivation to do this again? I really don't know. And I honestly don't want to know, I don't want to commit to anything. I want to always live in the moment and enjoy the ride =)

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