Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Tour

Yes, I know what you are thinking. "What the heck is Odona doing?"

Oh the questions, so many questions yet so little time.

We went sight seeing after our training today! And I was so glad since we've been cooped up in the hotel room for three days without any other meal options. So yay to something different!

Here we are before we left the hotel, the besties

Then Ron and I took our fob pic but in order to do so, Mr. Tall Guy had to shrink down... grr

It looks like his mouth is smeared...hahah

First off we headed to a museum ... I don't know the name but look how beautiful it is!

The interior space is quite detailed and very impressively modern while giving enough nods towards traditional styles.

Look at how nice the ceiling is!

We then headed to Independence Square and found a lot of different visual pleasures. Even something as simple as the roads impressed us. All of the current architecture is only 10 years old!

After we toured through the more modern parts of Tashkent, we traveled over to the more traditional side. Once we neared the area, the roads began to become more narrow and there were more people just hanging around. We got to go to see the famous mosques built in the 16th century. Wow.

So many minuscule details and handmade everything - the sandalwood columns, stone floors, brick arrangements...ALL handmade.

We even got to see the original Qu'ran! So amazing to see such an important piece of history. Too bad we were denied the opportunity to take pictures.

I am very impressed by this city, it is really quite beautiful. There are many merits: one being that the city is incredibly clean, another being that there really is no homeless sitting on the side or asking for money like many of our own cities. And finally, the people are really quite kind despite their initial staring..does that come with the territory of being American?

In any case, I am pleasantly surprised and glad that I am able to come to Uzbekistan. I am learning a lot about Islamic design and soon I will have the opportunity to meet 62 other countries during the tournament. It will be fun. =)

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