Friday, October 15, 2010

A Story of Countries

Since I was Russian, Iran to eat the Turkey that was sitting on my best China. But when I got there, I found someone replaced it with Belgian Waffles instead.

"Israel?" I asked, "I want it my way or Norway because I am really Hungary!"

I turned so quickly and tripped so badly that I Spain my ankle.

"Great Britain!" I exclaimed as I hobbled to the nearby cafe.

I ordered hot coffee because it was so Chile but had to send it back because I like it Sweden.

A nearby woman approached me after my first sip to ask, "Hey lady, India survey you took you did not mark what party you are in."

"Please Czech Republic for me then."

"If you do not mark it, it is not usable. Can you spell usable?"

"Yes, U-S-A-b-l-e."

Her face contorted as she huffed, "But YOU did not mark it."

"Well Denmark it for me please," I smile.

"Perus this and get back to me," she sneered as she dropped the sheet into my coffee.

"Pardon my French but, Amsterdam! It's been a bad day!"

***okay it started becoming forced at the end. Today's a two part-er, more down below!***