Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recaping a bit more every day

I'm home! And still a teeny tiny bit jet lagged so updates might be rolling in slowly.

I went back to school today and felt a wave of anxiety as everyone updated me on what I had missed and what I needed to do. Eep!

Aside from that I feel like my new project has progressed enough for the amount of time we had worked together and I will just let that catch up before focusing on anything else.

So let's go back to the last night of the competition when we had the opportunity to finally eat outside of the hotel! To ensure our health and potential food poisoning, the team had made it a point to keep everyone eating mainly hotel food day in and day out. Of course my attention span could not keep up so I also spent a lot of nights with bread and ramen. =D

This last night was a real treat as we headed to a very traditional Uzbek restaurant where they introduced us to their five course meals.

Apparently Uzbekis enjoy filling the table with food to show their hospitality and friendship. A lot of fruit and bread were summoned first.

They are very keen on meats as well and really exhibited beautiful displays of variety.

Next was the introduction of their national salad - onions, tomatoes, and olive oil? Soon after they brought their beef soup, again no pictures =/ Then their national pie...which I found was more like a dumpling.

The picture is deceiving...this "pie" is much larger in person.

Afterward was the beef kabobs and finally another array of fruits. We were stuffed to the brim and soon realized it was late late so we had to head back. As we boarded the bus, our team manager announced that the owner of the restaurant had decided to give the meal to us as a gift, free of charge! These people are so kind and welcoming, we had to thank him with a loud round of applause.

I will continue to recap more as the days go by but daily life for now will just be school, school, tkd, school. Aren't you jealous?

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