Friday, October 29, 2010


I am putting the final touches on my second design project this semester and my tired hands are probably more excited than I am!

My group partner, May, and I spent all day and night working and if any of you are planning to pull all-nighters here are some tips:

- plan ahead and get a good night's sleep the night before

- stay hydrated and don't overdo the coffees and energy drinks

- snack but don't keep snacking, you'll regret it when the tummy ache kicks in

- play some background music or play a dvd that you have already seen in the background. Don't choose something completely new because you will be tempted to watch that instead.

- if you are feeling extremely tired, don't resist your body's needs. Take a quick 10-30 minute nap and get back to it!

We've finished with the main portion of our project that is due on Monday so now it is time to work on our physical model. I'm not at my laptop but I definitely will post a picture of my model later on!

For now I just wanted to share a new show that I spent the afternoon watching: NCIS

It's pretty good, try it out! But all these detective/forensics/action/I-am-really-actiony-with-my-gun shows are so addicting =)

Ok, just checking in since I've been absent lately. I will update soon!

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