Friday, October 22, 2010

Laptop Party!

May and I spent a full day indoors, conversing while staring at our own computers. Well, she stared at both of her off...

It was soo soo gloomy again today! Sunshine, where are you? We miss you! Your absence makes me lose track of time- I was sitting there working for what seemed like endless hours and when I finally looked up to see how late it was, I saw that it was only 2:19pm!

We headed to our school's gallery around 6pm to help take down the Works In Progress boards and various projects. Too bad only a few people showed up so we had to pull a lot of weight for about two hours before heading back home.

I was watching Julieg713 on youtube and saw her latest tutorial. Inspiring! So I tried it but my try did not turn out as pigmented.

...Also, my relaxed face always looks like I'm either pouting or jutting out my jaw in an aggressive "I'm ready to fight you for that last piece of steak" way

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