Monday, October 4, 2010

Landed and delayed

Whew. All the traveling for this portion of the trip is finally over, sigh of relief all around. We made it in one piece! (well, not ONE piece, more like five individual pieces and...never mind)

We arrived from a very bumpy seven hour flight where I watched a Behind the Scenes of Inception and Grown Ups movies. When we stepped off the plane we could instantly feel the heat seeping through the small crevices of the structure. Yay.

As we made our way out we heard a woman shout, "Taekwondo! Taekwondo!" and of course we instinctively walked past her until our Master yelled for us to get back. Once all the participants coming off the plane had joined us, she took us through a different route - a secret route where we found chocolate covered strawberries in the walls, cake battered counters, gummy bear chandeliers, and licorice columns.

Actually it was just another corridor that lead us to a more private passport and customs screening. It DID take forever for us to get out of there though because of the waiting for the luggage and then the waiting for the other countries and then boarding a bus and having to take these countries to their hotels. Sigh.

But it's okay, we're here now in the hotel and luckily we have wifi! Unfortunately the service isn't fast enough for me to upload pictures. I have been trying to upload for the past 25 minutes and nothing is coming up...I hope that doesn't mean that posting pictures will have to wait =/

Anyway that's all from me today. Pictures later I suppose. Thanks for reading!

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  1. it's cold and rainy in LA today. visited the firm... the space is not so impressive like i expected. kind of reminded me of 5+design's office at first, but after walking around i came to the conclusion that 5+ was way nicer. anyways, the project program presentation was short and most of us were still trying to digest the information so no body really asked any questions. i will email you the program and some other info later when i get home.

    enjoy the heat! (cuz LA will prob still be cold when u come back.)