Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's way past my bedtime

I tried to stay up long enough to post something good but it's taking too long and I am way too tired. We woke up to my stupid alarm being stupid at 5am and then went back to sleep for an hour. At least I tried to...not so successful.

The tournament experience was wonderful. My sisters and I went into this tournament knowing very well that we could not compete with all these great athletes yet. Our four months of actual training brought us far but this tournament definitely brought us further.

What I learned about the USA team was this:

We come to this Worlds Poomsae Championships not to win but to learn. Of course winning is good. Winning is a great bonus to hard work. But it is the journey that really brings it home. (that sounded funny)

We found countries that were amazing in their talents but we could also see the great difference in focus. On one hand you find the countries that make these competitions their lives and have the competitors training nonstop. I approached one in particular who told me (we came on the same flight) that her team and her have not seen a bit of Uzbekistan. They spent the entire time training and have not even begun to enjoy their trip. I just saw them practice all day every day and when people approached them for pictures one member said his coach would not allow it until the tournament was over.

I must say that this type of intensity is not my cup of tea. Does it get results? Yes of course. But is it actually fun? Hmm

My philosophy is that if you are going to dedicate time and energy into doing something, make sure it is something you love. Make sure you enjoy every aspect of it for otherwise it is not worth your time. Competition should motivate us to make us improve but the real competitor will always be yourself.

I am glad that my sisters and I have never been one of those super serious competitors who spend all day and night practicing. That sort of goal will never be my own. I admire those who push for it but seeing them sitting within their own team whilst every other country is walking around meeting each other is a bit heartbreaking.

I know this whole post is here and there but I just have jumbled sleepy thoughts and they need some sort of outlet. I'll end with this-

Master told us before we walked into the ring that we are unlike all the other competitors because we truly were family. And we will always have a special connection that no one else has so we must show it. I think despite the mistakes we really put ourselves out there and enjoyed ourselves. I remember at the end of the last Koryo move we turned around to face the judges and awaited our scores. I could hear our faithfully supportive team chanting USA behind me and I could feel my sisters' presence around me. I just smiled.

I just stood there and smiled. Want to take another point off? I don't give a damn =D

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